Updates - Roadmap?

Hi Hutch,

Just wondering if you have a roadmap/timeline of future updates/new tracks/cars you could share with us? It's a great game and don't want to lose interest in it! :wink:


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hey,  We can't be overly detailed with the roadmap at this time as we are still figuring out some of the new content. However I can confirm that there is plenty of new content to come.  The next update will contain a new set of tracks/car plus other miscellaneous changes and enhancements to the game. It will hopefully be released by the end of next month.  In the meantime; test your skills against the pros by adding friend codes from the forum, and build up that car collection! :)
  • KryptoanKryptoan Posts: 12
    All good stuff! Keep up the excellent work! :smiley:
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