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Local save vs. Cloud save

Is there anyway to save your progress to cloud after the fact. And it says it will prompt periodically how I want to save. Is there any way to get the prompt to come up mow so I can save to cloud. 


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hello,  it is worded a little confusingly in the game but it is actually always saving to the cloud.
    When you see a save conflict prompt asking to choose between the local and the cloud save, this means that the saves have become out of sync, such as if you were playing on a different device, or had been playing offline for a while.
    In regular play, the game is saving to the cloud after pretty much everything you do.
    I hope that helps
  • Swinging1972Swinging1972 Posts: 6
    I cannot access any of my progress on cloud it's all gone I love this game please help

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