Tricks to beat your record

cheetaspeedercheetaspeeder Posts: 213 ✭✭✭
Trick 1 - on level 16 you can beat your record by hitting the gas then hit the brake right before the chute, then you can slow down to the hill and then hit full gas to jump over the back and forth stairs.   Saves you 5 seconds. Can only be done with dragon blaster.
Trick 2 - on level 30, by the trailer and crane, you have to push the trailer into the crane and then jump over, right? But theres a faster way that saves you about 3 seconds - jump over the trailer. But you can only do it with D Muscle and over.
Trick 3 - on level 31, after the punching bags, go full speed. It can make you jump over the half hoop, it beats your record probably by 5 whole seconds. Can only be done with Ratical Racer or over.
Trick 4 - on level 46 you have to wait for the rock to fall - if you go under it would hit your antennae. But, theres a faster way, it saves you about 7 seconds. You can go right under the rock into the crane. Can only be done with The Haulinator or over.
Trick 5 - on any one of the cranes, when you get in, go backwards (but not too soon, otherwise you will explode), you can go backwards and jump down from the crane. It saves you about 3 to 5 seconds.  Can only be done with Bulletproof or over.


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