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Missing data

SilkySilky Posts: 1
I just changed phones (iphone 6 to 7). Followed the normal process; backed up 6 and restored backup to 7.  All apps are fine except MMX hill.  Opened MMX to find data had not synched and now only had one car with score of zero. Folloewed trouble shoot advice and linked to Facebook, same account that was linked to iphone 6 but data didn't update. Clicked restore purchases and still nothing.  Frustrating because I had reached ownership of The Beast and completed most of Volcano course (plus every other vehicle & track).  Any suggestions please?


  • Hutch_MattHutch_Matt Posts: 294 admin
    Hi Silky,
    Hmm ok, the Facebook login should have transferred your save if you had been logged into the same account on the previous device.
    Not a problem though, just contact us via help & support in the game's settings menu and let us know what you've lost and we'll restore it for you.
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