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Matchmaking process

El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
How is the matchmaking process determined? I am sure it has several factors, but, what I am trying to understand is, why am I only going up against the same type of car when I race? Very rarely does my Mach 1 ever go up against a Subaru or an Escort. The only time that I get to race one of those models is when I choose one of them as my own car. It would be nice to not only race other models but also other sub models, say like a fire wheels going up against a thunder or a standard Mach 1, etc...

Is this possible? It would be nice to see how the other modes stack up against each other in the different tracks


  • Hutch_TimHutch_Tim Administrator, Hutch Staff Posts: 597 admin
    The matchmaking will first try to find a human opponent that would be a fair match for you. If there isn't one in a set period of time then you'll get an AI. The AI is also supposed to be a fair match (i.e. you have about a 50% chance of winning against it)... but what we're seeing in this Beta is that players are going faster than expected and beating the AI too easily.

    I suspect the AI always being in the same car as you is to make it easier for the game to generate a fair match (but that's not my area). In practice, once we launch we hope that the vast majority of races are against other players anyway!
  • El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
    Ok, thanks for clarifying. One thing that I am noticing with the AI racers, is that they can be easily beat in all tracks but one, the train yard oval chicane. In that one they are more difficult than all the others. It is imperative you get a good start on that track or you will lose every time. Maybe you guys can look at the model for the AI's on the track and compare them to the AI's on the other tracks and find a compromise between them
  • StormyStormy Hutch Staff Posts: 70 Wrenchman
    There have been some major updates to the AI in beta 2 release. Let us know how you get on with the new build!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Wrenchman
    El_Mutro - have you noticed any change in the AI difficulty in the update?

    When you are given an AI opponent, which at the moment is most of the time, your opponent's car is currently a random variant of your own car. We'll change this later so it uses any other car in the same class.
  • El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
    I'm finding that when my car was at lower levels it was difficult to beat the AI, but now that mine is fully upgraded, it all depends on the track. The tee and oval is very easy to beat the them. On the others, it all depends if you get a perfect start or not. If you don't get a perfect start, it's hard to beat them. Actually, I have yet to beat an AI that had a better start than me
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