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This is the first in a series of strategy guides. Here you will see Bob from Hutch racing off against Jamie from Hutch. These guys are fast with PB's of 1:02 on City: Stage 1, currently ranked 3 and 4 globally. There's a lot of advanced tactics to be picked up from watching them in action.

Top Tips for City: Stage 1

Getting to the top is not easy. You should ultimately know every ripple and curve of each track intimately and be able to race with your eyes closed. Try 15 minutes of meditation before racing in order to get fully into 'The Zone'. Bob only races in the lotus position to help maintain his focus and inner calm. Once prepared, you are ready to go.

1) Firstly, make sure you have a great profile picture. The serious look should be enough to intimidate anyone who gets close to your time. You might want to try other approaches like Hutch_Matt who goes for the ludicrously comical face, which is a huge distraction to your rivals.

1.1) We recommend wearing a black James Bond-style sweater, you will simply go faster wearing one. Remember, the biggest challenge is solid preparation and mental rehearsal. It might be possible to get a black sweater on loan and reap the same benefit (Warning: not tested). Loose or colourful clothing is not recommended, expect to add 2-3 seconds onto your time by ignoring the fashion aspects of Hill Climb.

2) To get times this fast you need minimum of The Classic SX1 fully upgraded. That's a lot of racing and upgrading in The Classic. Be prepared to work for it. Fortunately, you probably need to race this track quite a few times to understand some of the subtle nuances involved in braking and when to lay the smack down with quite serious acceleration.

3) You need to hit the hill before the first swinging bridge correctly in order to clear it. If you don't know which hill I mean, you are probably not ready.
Look how Bob rear-ends his Classic on the proceeding hill to shed speed and get the perfect approach. This is the work of a master, feathering the brake like a virtuoso concert violinist. After the swinging bridge, make sure you break heavily following the big drop-off to avoid losing lots of speed by bouncing around. Plan ahead and improvise only when necessary.

4) You need to hit the first gap jump correctly in order to clear the following big hill completely and gain valuable seconds. This is the feel-good hill, if you make this in good time you are doing very well. Bob messes this up a bit in the video, and Jamie takes a big lead here. Bob knows he has messed up, you can see it in his over-eagerness to try and claw back some time afterwards.

5) The 'softly' approach is needed next, patience and subtlety win out in order to take the steep hills gently and avoid getting too much air. Too much air on these hills is a killer, it will slow you down and destroy your ambitions. Getting these hills right really sets you up for a beautiful combo that will leave your rivals eating dust, and you soaring like an eagle to the finish.

6) There's a couple more key braking zones to master before the finish, including the second swinging bridge. This bridge is known as the noob-destroyer, under-estimate it at your peril. It's absolutely incredible how much you need to rear-end brake before the second swinging bridge. If I had not seen it with my own eyes in this video I would not believe it.

7) After finishing, ensure you brag to any Facebook friends whose time you have just beaten. Make it sound like it only took a couple of tries, even if it took 50. Sun Tzu will smile upon your mental warfare with pride. This is 80% a mind game and stopping others from reaching your time is a big factor.

We hope this guide helps. Feel free to post links to your fastest City: Stage 1 vids or screenshots.
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