Cars customization

Hey ...this game is fun nice graphics.. I am enjoying it... But there is a lacking thats customization of cars... In cars market there are cars which are pre customized but u guys know that a person has his own taste of choice... If u give the option of customization we can make our cars more iconic and beatiful its always a nice feeling to race with well customized cars



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    Henry Ford once said:
    "customers can have their car painted any color they want, so long as it is black."

    I'll leave it to you to decide if these words of wisdom are in any way relevant.
     What is certain; Adding the customisation feature to the game adds a ton of development work and lot's of complex UI decisions to be made. Some games do it very nicely indeed and it becomes a major part of the game appeal.
    In my experience, once you've made a few electric pink Mustangs with green stripes and reindeer horns, the value of it wears off a bit. There are a lot of variants in Race Kings, we just use a different way of getting them.

    The rarest variants are mainly event prizes or rare prizes. We feel this makes them even more valuable and worth working for.

    What do you think?

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