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Race Kings Soft Launch

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Today Race Kings soft launched in 4 territories. This is the first release of the live game! Woohooooooo. Ahem..

What is a soft launch?
Following on from the beta, we have released Race Kings on the App store for iOS in 4 countries, with Android hopefully following shortly.
The soft launch is a chance to put the game in front of a larger audience and effectively test some of the features that were not really possible during the closed beta. For example network robustness and In-App purchases. It's also a chance to further test the game before putting it front of a global audience.

Which countries has Race Kings been launched in?
India, Pakistan, Singapore and Philippines.

What will happen to the beta version of the game?
The beta version of the game is still live but is now unlikely to receive further updates.
It's not completely clear how long the iOS beta version will remain active, but it looks like around 60 days from the last update.
We anticipate that some beta players will still want to jump in and play the beta version

Can beta players download and play the soft launch version of Race Kings?
The beta crew have been absolutely fantastic, and we want to try and get as many beta players as possible into the soft launch version of the game. After all, this is when some of the real fun begins as the number of real human players increases.

It takes a bit of effort and getting under the hood with iTunes to get the soft launch version, but ultimately it's not difficult.

Getting the Soft Launch version of Race Kings.

As an initial disclaimer, this is not an officially supported method, it's essentially a way to gain access to a game that is not currently released in your home region. Though risk is minimal, please be aware that In-app purchases will not be available and downloading a game using this method would be at your own risk.
Also bear in mind that when the game is finally launched in your own region, this will involve downloading from your original account and essentially starting from scratch (updated) but you should not lose progression.

Phew, that said, several of us have tested this exact method and it works.

Step 1

Set up a new email address + delete beta app.

Not essential, but advised. Simplest approach would be to set up a new gmail account.
Also, delete the beta app of Race Kings on your phone as this seems to cause Apple ID problems down the line if you don't.

The email platform doesn't really matter, just choose one you are familiar with.

Step 2

Log out of iTunes

Go to your account and log out. I recommend doing this on your mobile device and any laptop/macbook etc.
Also, there may be some issues with a need to provide billing info if you complete this step from a mobile device.
recommended where possible that you complete this from a laptop/macbook etc if possible, before downloading the game to your device.

Step 3

Change your iTunes location

Then scroll to the very bottom of the page and you should see a flag of your country in the bottom right hand corner. Click on that to get a list of every iTunes-accessible country.

Find the flag you need (Advise Singapore, but try India, Pakistan or Philippines if you wish) and click it.

Step 4

Find Race Kings in the store

Run a search in the relevant store for "Race Kings", to find the game

When you find it, hit the "Get" button

Step 5

Create a new Apple ID

Click "Create New Apple ID" on the box that pops up. It's vitally important that you create your account this way (while trying to get a free app) rather than signing up from the settings menu. Otherwise you may be forced to provide payment details.

Step 6

Get Started

Agree to Apple's terms and conditions, and then when you get to the details screen, pop in the email address you made earlier and set password and security questions.

Step 7

Finish the Setup

You'll now be asked to select a payment option - pick "None". You'll also need to enter a valid address in the country that you've selected. This can be found with a little creative Googling. Try "Singapore address format" etc. Also same goes for phone number which will probably be required.

Step 8

Approve Your Apple Email

Apple will now send you an email to that address you set up. Go find it, and follow the instructions within to verify your account. Done? Good.

Step 9

Log into itunes and app store on your iphone / ipad

Go get your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store, and find the button at the bottom of the screen that shows your Apple ID. Click it, and choose "Sign Out".

The button should now say "Sign In". Hit it, and then enter the email address and password you set earlier.

A box will ask you if you want to switch to that country's App Store. Hit "Yes".

Step 10

Get the Game

All that's left to do now is to search for "Race Kings" find the app, and download it to your device.

Once you're done you can sign out of this account and sign back into your main account (and back to the App Store for your own country) - you'll still be able to play the game without hassle.

Just note: you'll need to log again in this account to download or check for updates when it's still in soft launch.

Any questions, please ask. This method has been tried on an iPhone 5s and iPhone 6.
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  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    A new update to the iOS game client in the 4 soft launch regions today.
    No new content, just some required code changes.

    To get the update you need to be logged in with your Apple ID for the specific download region.
  • KarelKarel Posts: 8
    Nová aktualizace hry iOS
    klientovi 4 měkkých startu regionech dnes.
    Žádné nové obsah, jen některé požadované změny kódu.

    Chcete-li získat aktualizace musíte být přihlášeni ke svému Apple ID pro daný stažení regionu.

  • dia34dia34 Posts: 2
    and for android ?
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Dia34 the game has been live on Android and iOS for several months now. Head to the play store to get it for Android!
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