If u don't have any edge u suppose to be matched with others that don't have edge?

I asked this because I had lots of races where I had no edge but yet I kept getting matched to others who did have edge so I'm confused I love the game play it all the time very competitive and sometimes it's gets me frustrated lol but any tips on this would be appreciated 


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    When we find a match for you, this is based on your track rating. Track rating doesn't consider Edge, so Edge is outside of the calculation when finding an opponent, and is therefore an additional advantage that you will have over your opponent.
    If you have 300 ms of Edge, this means that if you are matched against an identical opponent and race identically, you will finish 0.3 seconds ahead of them, if they have 0 Edge.
    Sometimes opponents will have Edge, sometimes not. Depends on whether they have upgraded in the current session.
  • Wait, so you're always going to play against people with similar cars? Let's say you always have 0 edge for some reason. What's the use in upgrading?
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    Well, upgrading gives you Edge for that session. Edge is the main purpose of upgrading because Edge is not considered when searching for an opponent, so any Edge that you have will be pure advantage over the other player, unless they have more Edge.
    Part of the tactical decision-making is deciding when and where to apply upgrades and put your Edge to maximum use.
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