Teams in Race Kings

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For future Race Kings Clans/Teams feature discussion
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  • Poetic824Poetic824 Posts: 1
    I run a CSR2 Community of about 200 People with 5 Crews (check I am always looking around for good alternatives because sometimes the frustration with CSR2 well it adds up lol. 

    I played your Game a little bit and like the looks and feels of it. Pretty unique gameplay!

    I am curious about many things - will the Crews participate in these Events worldwide on one leaderboard? How long will the events be? Whats the Rewards Structure? :smile:

    Do you guys have everything set already or is it still in Development?  

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    Hi there Poetic824,
    The Teams mega-feature is still in scoping phase and early development.
    If there are specifics that you would really like to see, it would be very valuable if you can mention it here.
  • Str8BlazinStr8Blazin Posts: 3
    1. Being able to chat with other players should be a given to collaborate with the.

    2. I think if we have a Rivals Team we should be able to battle them in an elimination tournament if we please or at least be able to challenge them.
  • F1NARSF1NARS Posts: 1
    Olá gostei muito do jogo. Gostaria de saber se vão colocar premiação em equipe? E se o chat vai ser de equipe ou chat público. O jogo tem muito a evoluir mas é muito bom parabéns.
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