Quick Money Farming Method (MMX Hill Climb)

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Hello everyone and welcome to a quick and simple method on how to collect money quickly, so that you can spend your hard-earned cash on upgrades fast.

(First off, I would like to give a thumbs up to Kill Tracker on YouTube for posting this method. The video below will provide a better understanding of this method):

As explained in the video, this is not hard to do. All you have to do is to collect all of the money and then pause and restart the race once you approach the bridge.

I would recommend using City: Level 1 as the first section before the bridge is where you'd collect a lot of money. The best way to collect all of the coins is to get the vehicle to perform a wheelie for as long as possible and to build up speed otherwise you will might miss a couple of them, although this won't matter for vehicles that are tall or have high ground clearance.

By obtaining all of the money from the first part of the level to the bridge, it will take you around 25 seconds in The Muscle on average if done correctly, and the amount you can collect from the start line to the bridge is 180 coins, so if you keep restarting the race over and over again and restarting at the same spot, then you would eventually build up lots of money to fully upgrade vehicles and unlock the more powerful variants!

I hope this method helped you guys out in the long run. Enjoy collecting more cash for your rides!


  • I_AM_BENI_AM_BEN Posts: 11
    I run the City Marathon to collect fast coins.  It normally takes about 3 minutes to collect around 900 before I hit restart.  I think the time spent is faster doing the method above on Stage 1.  Thanks for posting the video.
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    You can do City Rush in around 45 or less seconds(depending on the car you use) and get 390 coins each time. Which I think is just as fast at earning money as doing City Stage 1 is and is also more fun!!! 
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    I tried some other maps after reading this, and I found that city stage three was pretty good - restart after the falling blocks part and it should get you 100-150 gold in only 15 seconds.
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