Cheat Codes/Hacks?

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I know Hutch games won't acknowledge this, but are there any cheat codes or hacks?  The reason I ask is because I was in 1st place in a C class time attack at around 73k. My next race, I was in 5th place because 3 other people had well over 100k and the 1st place had almost exactly 100k more than me.  Now I could understand if it were some other event where Class B/A cars could race, but a Class C car max bet is $4,000. The only way for someone to get $100k in a single Class C race is to win a $100k race, which cannot be done by what is seen on the screen.  Just frustrating as hell to see people with hundreds of billions of dollars and absolutely no chance in hell to catch up. 


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    Here is proof that people are cheating. C Class time attack. Look at the difference between me and 1st place.

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    Just witnessed this again. I was racing in the semi finals. Only car allowed to race is a rare RUF 3800 S coupe. It's a class B car that can be upgraded to a class A car. As a class A car, max race bid is $2M. I was in 7th. 6th place was at $367M. As I got close to this racer, he jumped to 407M. That's $50M. There is no possible way to have a $50M race!  Not even in a class S car.  I am willing to bet REAL money that the designers and programmers are behind this.  Think about it...they want to make money. You race your butt off to get close, but as you get close, the top 5 all jump up. Well, you don't have enough money to upgrade your car, so you use REAL money to buy game money. This is EXACTLY what they want you to do!!  I challenge all REAL racers to catch this too.  It shouldn't be hard, especially when you are in the top 10 in any series.  At the very least, just keep this in mind as you spend $100's and tens of thousands of hours on this game.  What a worthless time suck...worse than Facebook.  
  • Yes true. I saw this **** happen to me too. I was in first place when I had $8000, the did 2 races in the Class C Clash and outta nowhere shows up these 2 hackers. Wtf. How? People like this must be banned 
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    A $50 million race is indeed possible in a C Class event, through rematching.
    If two high rank players with $100 million+ cash cap race against each other in a C Class event, it's possible that they rematch and might drive the bets up to quite a large amount. Their max cash is really the only limit on betting.
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