Cost for service

Hi just want to share this topic of cost of servicing for cars is really high I just paid a million to service a mustang rare car which is a little frustrating maybe cap off at a point to  sevice for repairs I notice it gets more expensive everytime you need to service I understand the bussiness model of these games cash grabs that makes silly money but costs to put out a game like this is expensive as well maybe there could be a balance on this topic 


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    To begin with, servicing your car is relatively cheap, and gets more expensive the more you use the car and the higher the class.
    Race Kings is a game that is designed to be played with multiple cars and building up a big garage of cars.

    Racing one car a lot and running it through a lot of servicing will start to cost a lot. It often becomes cheaper and easier to buy another car, or win another car and start racing that one instead.
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