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Dear Beta Testers,

As we continue to build the game, we just want to reinforce that you are the players we are building it for.

As a small thanks, we want to offer some bit-out-of-the-ordinary rewards during some upcoming events. We also want to offer you the choice to decide what the rewards are.

The choice is yours, either:

1) Name a variant


2) Name an AI Bot

Name a Variant
In an upcoming event (to be determined) one of the new vehicles that will become available is the Ruf 3800 S, an elegant beast that promises a ton of pleasure when burning the corners.

We are offering the winner of the event the chance to name the variant. The choice is yours, name it after yourself even!
The car name will be seen by all other players in the marketplace and when purchasing that specific variant.
(We just ask that the name fits the spirit of the game and isn't too silly, no Boaty McBoatface please).

This B Class car variant could bear your name

Name an AI Bot
You will have the chance to name one of the AI bots in the game. Again, it might be your name, the choice is yours.
The bot will hold your chosen name, you might even meet it in a matchup.

So the choice is yours. Please tell us what you think would be most appropriate.

Tomorrow a new batch of invites will go out to new players, which will help build on the multi-player interaction.
No set date on the next update but we will inform you of the changes that go into it as soon as it comes live.

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  • LarryDLegendLarryDLegend Member Posts: 180 ✭✭✭
    I would like to name the variant... There is only one suitable name for it "THE RED BARON" Later you could name an English or American variant "SNOOPY" - perhaps with beagle colors
  • El_MutroEl_Mutro Member Posts: 207 ✭✭
    I think a variant naming would be better. Like Larry suggested, if one names it a character, try and think of its nemesis and build a car around that.
  • hummingbirdhummingbird Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
    You are reading my mind, gentlemen. Those legendary names are certainly appropriate for a game that is soon to be legendary. They represent the passionate determination of Race Kings rivals.You guys are awesome.
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