Race Kings Beta Phase 2 is Live

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Welcome to Race Kings Beta Phase 2!

(Discuss the Race Kings Beta 2 here)

Introducing new tracks, new features and a lot of new beta testers into the race kings crew!

We also kiss goodbye to several annoying bugs that you helped us to identify and politely usher out like unwanted parents-in-law.

First Up
Big shoutout to Hummingbird, who submitted 12 bug reports over the last 2 weeks and has been owning the leaderboards as WriterMary. She embodies the ethos of the Race Kings Beta; Crushing opponents on the track and showing zero mercy to bugs. Great work!

Respect to BeastMode, Hootie, Rockford, El_Mutro and LarryDLegend who have been building their cash empires at the top of the leaderboards. Their garages are filling up quicker than a Fast and Furious boxset collection.

Thanks to all beta players who got stuck in and raced. We really appreciate your help testing the game!

Thanks for the Feedback
Your feedback from phase 1 has been overwhelmingly positive. You have told us that the core game is fun and exciting. You have also reported a ton of bugs and frustrations. Thank you for all of the great comments, they are a big motivator for the whole team here. However, we are not resting on our laurels, and Beta Phase 2 will see some critical bug fixes and updates.

So what’s coming in Beta Phase 2 (A.k.a. Rick’s Revenge)?

Today’s Tournament

Get set for some high octane, rapid-fire racing, as we introduce Today’s Tournament. We love the name, it has a simplicity that belies the competitive bloodbath within.
Every day 2 new "Today’s Tournament" events will be hitting your Event feed. They are rapid, 2 hour Events with new Goals and prizes. You will need to race consistently and bet boldly to reach the top. Some of the usual suspects and many of the Hutch development team will be jumping in to race. See you there!

Today's Tournament Times
Fri, Sat, Sun - (7-9pm Pacific, 10-midnight Eastern)
Fri, Sat, Sun - (6pm-8pm UK, 11am-1pm Pacific)

Multiplayer Multiplier

Race Kings is all about live head-to-head racing and Events. In Beta phase 1 this took a little bit of a back seat while we made sure some of the core gameplay was in place and working as intended.
In Beta Phase 2, the focus will shift to putting more load on our match-making and multiplayer systems. This means more players coming into the Beta and more live racing. Bring it on!

We've also made some changes to ensure you find a well-matched human opponent before offering you an AI race. We want as much live racing as possible. Did we mention live racing?

Beta Phase 2 Patch Notes

Here’s a summary of the most important updates introduced into Beta Phase 2.

Game Data Reset

For Beta 2 we need to reset your cash, sorry!

A cash reset means loss of current cash. If you have accrued more than $10,000, your total cash will be reduced to $10,000.
Though many of you will find this frustrating (and we can only apologise), it levels the playing field for Beta 2. As explained below, cash was coming in too quickly and needed to be fixed. It will be the same for everyone, we will all be poorer together. Anyone for ramen noodles at our place?

Stability Fixes

A number of fixes to improve game stability

A few of you were having problems with game freezes when starting and ending races. We think we've fixed all of these problems, if you are still seeing problems with the game freezing then please let us know either through the forums or the in-game support system.

On your marks, get set……..zzzzzz

Some races have not been starting properly

Some players reported loading into a race but the lights wouldn't turn green and the race would end before it even started. We've made several changes that should ensure this no longer happens.

Betting Options

One $25 bet for all

We removed the other bet levels to focus matches around one $25 betting value. This keeps all players in the same betting pool meaning more multiplayer matches and less work for our AI bots, who are grumbling about working hours and looking to claim overtime.

AI Betting

AI bots have been accepting wildly large bets

During rematching, AI bots have been accepting some pretty large bets. We have seen some $200k+ bets, which was never really intended at this stage.
It’s all too easy to game the poor bots by upping the rematch stakes, and maybe false starting a few times to push the race earnings up.

It’s been too easy to earn cash for new cars and upgrades, and have a lot left on the side for wild post-win celebrations. We wanted this process to take a little bit longer and be more challenging during the Beta.
We have reduced the maximum amount that an AI bot will rematch for. The effect of this in Beta 2 is that overall earnings should be a bit lower. Tell us what you think.

Newcomers League changes

Newcomers League will just be for Newcomers

The Newcomers League is intended to be a short-term event for new players. At the moment it persists and adds confusion around which event you should be racing in. It will now be there for up to 48 hours after first starting to race, then will disappear from your event feed. To make up for this, new Events will be added to your feed, with a whole load of new tracks. Speaking of which...

New Tracks

We introduced a variety of new tracks to Beta 2

You will see a complete overhaul of the track lighting. More vibrant colours, textures and environmental details. We have introduced some subtle changes in weather conditions and time of day. We think they look great and hope you do to.

We have also changed the start lines on existing tracks to mix things up a bit. The names of the tracks might have changed too. Tell us what you think, did you prefer the old names?

The following new tracks will be making an appearance in a variety of events:

The Oval Mini
Crossover Reverse
Iron Loop
Little Ess

New Events

More events, more racing, more money, no problem!

We have introduced some shorter Events with different styles and rewards. The Weekend Warriors Event will run, not surprisingly, throughout the weekend (approx. Fri-Sun).
Today’s Tournament* will appear twice each day and last for 2 hours, offering more intense and focused racing. We tried to cover the main timezones of beta players, apologies if these are events are a bit unsociable for some of you. You will also see new events that are due to start soon appearing in your feed in advance.

* Where does Ben come up with these great Event names?

Event Notifications

Informing you of Events in advance

With Event participation being a key focus, you may see some occasional notification messages from us if you have opted in, announcing upcoming Events. We want these announcements to be informative and unobtrusive. We want these to add to the excitement and let you prepare in advance. We don’t want them to be annoying or invasive. Your feedback on notification message content and frequency is definitely something we want to hear about.

Changes to Matchmaking

Widening the search for intelligent life

We have tweaked some of the matchmaking parameters to maximise your chances of getting an intelligent human opponent (failing that, one of the Race Kings development team!).

"Waiting for Opponent” will last a bit longer and search for a wider range of players. If you find a good match early on, the race will start. If no suitable opponent is available the match-making will continue to search, finally offering an AI opponent. It might mean some occasional poor matchups, so it’s something we will be keeping a close eye on.

Race tweaks and adjustments

We tightened up some loose nuts in the race difficulty engine

Behind the scenes, our moustachioed analysts have been shuffling through printoffs of track data, tugging at nylon shirt collars, removing clip-on ties and faxing off summary sheets. The conclusions are in:
  • None of us miss the 80’s
  • Some tracks are too easy and some tracks are too hard
Win percentage on tracks like the Trainyard Oval are very high, while on the T-Shape reverse, they are quite low. This is a lot to do with our AI Bot behaviour. It felt nice to go and get easy wins on the Oval, but at the same time becomes a bit tedious to win by so much. We have balanced this out a bit to try achieve much closer results on all tracks.
It should now be more Hamilton-Rosberg than Hamilton-Hulkenberg.

In the name of EDGE

EDGE is a bit confusing and underwhelming

EDGE is the advantage that you gain by upgrading your car. It lasts for the remainder of the current session, or track. After the session ends, your upgrades do not disappear, but the EDGE advantage does disappear. Unfortunately we didn’t do a very good job of explaining this to you. Also, you have told us that the advantage you receive from EDGE doesn’t feel like enough.

We have tweaked the numbers with EDGE and it should now feel more worthwhile to invest in upgrades at key moments in an event. We have increased the speed improvement that upgrading gives you.

Accumulation Misinformation

Prizes for Events are currently a bit unclear

When an Event ends, you get the prize for your final position, and all of the other prizes below that.
For example, if you finished 1st in an Event you would get the prize for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 25th and 50th, as unique prizes. It’s nice to get prizes but lot of you found this a bit confusing.

We have changed this so that you win one prize for your final position. we have adjusted the prize values accordingly.

Rick, will you stay or will you go?

Rick has been behaving strangely, so we pulled him aside for a quiet chat

Rick; your trusted buddy, who helps you through the early parts of the game. Sometimes he makes sense and offers sound advice; other times he says he is leaving and just won’t go away. We have fixed some of these behavioural issues and brought Rick more in line with his intended persona of being a buddy to help out with good advice when needed. He is not going to give you up or let you down, but sometimes he might leave for a bit.

If you have gone through the first-time play of the game, you will probably not see much more of Rick. However, he is still watching silently from the shadows, waiting.

Free bets when you're broke

Having zero cash is zero fun

We've added an option to race for free when you're totally out of money so you can try to break your losing streak and start gaining cash again. Fighting for basic liquidity is completely unfun and that’s not what Race Kings is about. You should never be unable to race and will not be punished for making the odd crazy bet, we all have a bit of CSI Warwick in us after all.

That was a big read, so thanks for sticking with it. As always, your feedback is critical to the development of Race Kings. This is your game and we want it to be fun for you.

We aim to build a game that has a ton of content and value for years rather than weeks or months. To achieve this we need your input to help us prioritise new features.
The new game forums are beginning to pick up and some interesting discussion is taking place. Any comments, positive or negative?

All the best and see you on the track soon!

- The Race Kings Team

Discuss the Race Kings Beta 2 here
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    Great, thanks for the positive comments Hummingbird. The guys here have been working hard to get this out. I hope you like the new tracks.
  • StormyStormy Posts: 70 Mod
    Have you checked on testflight? That's the same app you used to download the game in the beginning!
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    HI DaPapa, depending on the time of the day, Weekend Warriors may be the only event live.
    You should see the next event coming soon in the event feed.
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