My Review, Hutch please consider!

The game is easy to play and has beautiful graphics! The Main Event -> Qualifiers -> Finals is the best part of the game imo. The Multi-Key series is also very fun, although I wish the rewards contained slightly more silver keys. The blueprint system makes earning exclusive/rare cars very rewarding and the money and gold earnings seem to match up perfectly as the game progresses (as long as you manage it well).

The reason i give it 4/5 stars is because the game NEEDS more car variety and more events that are tailored more towards players who are passed the C-Class.

The cars are beautiful and i cant wait for there to be more. As of now, you kind of know what cars you expect to race against which takes away some of the excitement for me, although the random customization system currently in place is a nice touch. Keep that! Maybe add more randomization variety as well, like more possible body kits, headlight colors, rims, hoods, etc. theres also still some occasional graphical errors that need fixing when racing but im sure that could be fixed quickly.

The current C-Class event is only for C-Class cars, which is cool, but it has very low payout (tailored to new players at the bottom ranks), which is useless for players with lots of cash and gold already. Adding class specific events for B, A, and S-Class cars with increased rewards for each class would add WAY more potential playtime to the game and would also give later-game players something else to do after completing the Main Event. The higher rewards would also incentivize players in these higher classes to participate. 

Maybe even add a completely new type of TOURNAMENT BRACKET event where players race each other, bracket style, until the finals, where the best racer from each side would race for 1st. Advancing would also reward you with better rewards each time. Edge would NOT be allowed in this game mode to keep it fair with similar Track Times. This would require some skill, as the other events in the game are pretty much luck-based on whether or not the other person has more edge than you. The event would have a time limit and the players would have to remain online until the end of the event or until eliminated. Leaving early would count as an elimination. 

If possible, a 3 player drift mode would be super cool. Just widen the existing road and adjust the map a little. (I know it takes alot more to make it happen but imagine 3 cars going sideways around corners all fighting for first!) edge allowed here of course.

A reworked replay mode would also be nice, where replay cameras could be set up at different parts of the race and players could switch between player cameras or replay cameras. It would be awesome to see a drift race from different angles.

Overall, solid drift racing game that is very unique. I love the game and love the fact that IT ISNT PAY TO WIN. All it needs is a few more features and things to do and it will really take off. This is probably the only game ive really invested my time into and i have high hopes for it in the future. [Eventually rival CSR somehow? ;)]

Thanks for creating such an awesome racing game. From a Season 1 Player!


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