I need the MMX Racing multiplayer stars explained

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What is the difference between stars? Silver or gold? Small or large?

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    Your stars are represented by your career badge. The career badges were introduced in Season 16.

    The numbers are your lifetime multiplayer score. As your score goes up, your career badge becomes more impressive.

    If you reach rank 1 in Battle Mode, you win a 2-star flag. If you also reach the top 1% in Elite, you win a 3-star flag, making the maximum score you can earn per season 2 + 3 = 5.

    If you achieve 1% in Elite for 10 Seasons in a row, you will accrue 50 stars. This should give you a bit of a benchmark when you see how many stars other players have.
  • Hi all!

    Hutch_Demorphic said:
    "If you achieve 1% in Elite for 10 Seasons in a row, you will accrue 50 stars."

    If we win 10 seasons in a row, does it give a special flag too? Or only we 50 Stars?

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    Hi Ralle,  There aren't any special flags for winning 10 seasons in a row I'm afraid.  We weren't sure how engaging multiplayer would be when we originally released it so didn't include any long term rewards for consistent top 1% placement.  It is however something we will definitely consider should we update the game or release a follow up/similar game.
  • Hi Matt,

    thanks for Info ;)
    I hope there will be a new challenge in future ^^

    Ralle / 0nePercenter
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