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Julie Robnett

matthewt94matthewt94 Member Posts: 1
is there any way hutch games will transfer gold into gems from the first game to the second even if you just turn gold into half the gems I will be satisfied bc it’s to ridiculous how much the cars cost of gems on the mmx2 35,000 when the videos only give a max of 750 it will take forever on the first game some days you had 750 gold and I would watch the ad just to double that to 1500 that’s way more I’m way over 100,000 but I was saving to get the beast but that’s still going to be awhile tho but if you do that I’d really appreciate it if make the gem ads have a doubler by watching a 45 second ad or a minute idc y’all just seem to make the second game way to limited especially on vehicles transfer the beast over or something or bring the muscle back to the game y’all still had that in the lock list but it wasn’t in there when you scrolled thru the cars which is weird love the game but the difficulty is fine idk why people are complaining about it these are my only complaints, so can y’all change this few things if your seriously going to make the game more easier for players these things wouldn’t hurt at all?


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