Twin Towns Challenge

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A slight diversion from normal messaging, and not 100% game-related!
For the last 3 years several members of the Hutch team have been involved in supporting a charity event called The Twin Town Challenge.
This year they will be involved again, helping to support a very worthy cause.

3 teams of Hutch devs, 3 'roadworthy' cars worth £500 each, 500 miles of open road, what could possibly go wrong? It's the Twin Town Challenge 2018!
Run by SpecialEffect, helping to give a new lease of life to people with physical disabilities through video games. Please support and donate, any amount is great, and help us to raise money for this awesome charity!

Twin towns, 100 cars, 1 amazing weekend. The Twin Town Challenge is a fun, team-based car challenge. Buy a £500 banger, add your own style and drive it from Oxfordshire to Le Touquet, France, competing in challenges along the way. All to raise money for technology charity SpecialEffect.
As a bonus we've called in some favours and will follow the cars with a camera crew and bring you a (low-budget) 3-part documentary of the event, on the HutchTV Youtube channel.


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