Overrated and underrated

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Alright let's make a thread about cars that are overrated/underrated or cars that perform really good for their rq let's get some easy ones out of the way
Cars that perform great for their rq: 
Honda beat the pill that could
El Camino pros: great drag car cons: grip
Lotus Elise 1.6 pros: great low rq grip car cons: low height, low top speed
Ford rally cars/Suzuki Swift rally/Nissan rally cars pros: great off road cars for there rq cons: (Datsun) low ride height (Suzuki) front wheel drive
Hummer H2's pros: off road tires, great hill
 climbers cons: weight, grip
(Epic) Audi's/evos: pros: 4wd, epics so they're easy to upgrade, medium height cons: (evos) bad midrange
Cars that suck for they're rq
Porsche Panamera(both)/911 Targa I think you all already know why they suck. 
Corvette zo6 horrible mid range needs to be epic
Overrated cars, cars that get to much love when they don't deserve it
Lotus Elise 135 sport I think this car gets to much credit, it was great as a super rare but now that it's an ultra rare it sucks. Why waste c class cars to upgrade it when there's so many better ultra rares. 
Bugatti 16.4 horrible mid range, performs terribly
Camaro convertible this car gets to much hate, when people get it they see high top speed and low 0-60 so they assume drag car, when they try it in a race and it performs bad they find useless. It's a great car, medium height, traction control, pretty good grip and low 0-60, great city streets car and decent car for grip races. 
I'm tired of typing, tell me your opinion and let me know if you have any cars that are underrated/overrated or cars that don't get much attention but perform get for their rq. Make sure you list pros and cons. 


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