The whole League system is still completely broken - and I'm done playing...

AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
The same thing happened as last week - only 3 active players are shown their score ...

...And then at the end a lower spot than mathematically possible. I was observing the league 1h before ending, regularly refreshing the app - and I was 2nd place the whole time!

Now: Not only was I not finishing on my spot, but on top it says I stay in Wood League - even though I've been under the assumption that I was in Stone League, even though I finished 1st and 2nd the last 2 weeks, so I should've been even higher ... 

This is completely broken and I don't know where the problem is, but I am not investing any more time or money into playing till this is fixed and the integrity of the league is no longer compromised!

I would not mind if this was a beta version, but I was under the impression I was spending money on a finished game without this kind of pre-stage nonsense & I consider my anger over climbing all week for nothing rather justified, because I doubt I will get back the money and time's worth I've invested in climbing in vain...


  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    If possible can you please contact our support team through the in-game 'help & support' menu. This way we can see your ID and take a look at what might have happened.
  • AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
    I assume what happened was that other players (with the displayed scores of zero, which seemed to be a recent bug) overtook me while I was under the impression of being #1 ... seems to work fine now though, thanks :)
  • Hutch_DemorphicHutch_Demorphic Posts: 1,085 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Good to hear!
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