Vehicles w/ Whitewalls & More Power?

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Okay, so I just wanted to let you guys know about this. A couple of weeks ago, I was about to challenge another player and was watching a stream at the same time, and then I see 2 people with an Aidley Tracker in the menu page before you race against a player, but their 'Truck Rating' was much higher than a Fully Upgraded Aidley Tracker could max out at which I was using at the time, and heck, even one of them had the same amount as a Fully Upgraded Odd Dude! Has anyone else seen any monster trucks with whitewalls lately? And are these modded vehicles or something? Because I really want to get one of these things ;)


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    These are special trucks, and the Aidley Tracker isn't the only rig to be "blessed" with white walls and a higher performance rating. If memory serves, you can trade in an A Class rig and stand a pretty good chance to get a rig with an "S" after its name. You do also have a chance to win them from the weekly competitions, again, if memory serves.
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    I just did a bit of research regarding what you said, and found this:
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    All you gotta do is when click lucky trade, dont pick yes or no, instead pick view prizes and you can see on a chart what you need to be eligible for certain prizes. Like if you want an SX model, you need to trade in an s model thats built up to 600 or 650.( I'd have to open the game to know for sure but I'm thinking its 650). The point is you can see what you CAN win with what you are trading in. Not checking is asking for disappointment. 
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    tier 0 trades are always bad ideas
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    The Street Trucks are hard to come by, I've never had one myself but get beaten by them whenever we meet.
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