1500 Workshop Points Wasted

xDJBOYxxDJBOYx Posts: 6

I recently upgraded my buggy to SX and wanted to upgrade the paint on the entire line. I had 6580 workshop points and thought that you had to independently upgrade each vehicle. I didn’t realize that one upgrade was given credit to all vehicles in a line. That’s great! But the system doesn’t make that very clear.

So I would have upgraded to the 1000 level to get the max arena multiplier had I known I had enough to upgrade to the 1000 level on my entire collection of vehicles. 

With that in mind would it be possible for me to “return” the three 500 level workshop upgrades I just applied to my buggy (I spent 1500 points). I thought it would cost 4500 to upgrade my entire buggy line to the 500 level (500x3x3).

I’m frustrated now because I would not have done this if I realized I could have afforded the 1000 level, but now can’t for my entire collection! Would love to get those 1500 workshop points back so I can spend them properly. 


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