Hello dear developers I read about the update, and was upset. Because I did not see that you want to give prizes to today's crew leaders. We tried to keep the second place, but there will be no prizes. 


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    Hello HovoWinner. There will be prizes for the Crew Tournament 1. There's a post in Race Kings game forums about the prizing, I'll copy some of it here also:

    Greetings racers,
    i want to update you on the current Crew Tournament and what to expect with the next one.
    Crew Tournament 1 will be ending on Thursday, 12 October 2017 11:00:00 UTC. Currently 'Just a Pro Drifters' are leading the way, with Odium holding onto second place ahead of Street Warriors in third.
    When Crew Tournament 1 ends, Crew Tournament 2 will immediately start. This will be a much quicker tournament, running until Monday, 23 October 2017 11:00:00 UTC.

    Crews that finished in the top 10% should expect a new badge on their leaderboards. Make sure to check them out!

    The Top 750 Crews will be rewarded with a combination of Blueprints, Silver Keys and Gold keys.

    The top 100 Crews should expect to see a Class A Pro Pack reward.
    Top 10 Crews should expect to see a Class S Pro Pack reward. Class S Pro Pack rewards will be appropriate and relevant for the up-and-coming finals.

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    Thank you very much  :)
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