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#1 in Diamond League :) Now what? :(

AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭

I've seen fellow players purposefully deranking for a while now ...making easy Top 3 finishes in lower ranks for almost as many rewards but with ten times less the effort and Gem investment, which economically makes sense, but I don't feel like bullying lower ranks :(

Soooo, what now? :neutral:


  • ZacMcFeegleZacMcFeegle Posts: 4
    Get a life?!?...try trials frontier dude...waaay better
  • AsmoAsmo Posts: 84 ✭✭
    Having a life does not magickally create decent end game content :P Pass on TF though, the physics are too weird.

    I started MMX HD1. At least it has decent music and not as annoying sound effects for collecting coins as HD2 has ^.^
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