Jump-to-end Built-in Cheats or Bugs/Exploits on Levels 33, 36, 42 & 43?

I am an experienced player of your previous games Hot Wheels Race Off & MMX Hill Dash as well as, currently, Hill Dash 2.  I played the first two all the way through until all tracks & vehicles were unlocked & maxed out.  I played the tournaments on both a little bit, but never really enjoyed the dynamics/gameplay that much. 

In HD2, I had unlocked all tracks, beaten Hutch Rob's scores & advanced most vehicles to GT when I started playing Vs/Tournament mode about 7 weeks ago - Gold Medals up until the one before Diamond and the silver medal was only because I was in the wilderness (no service) for 4 of the 7 days.  I enjoyed it until Diamond, when I realized who was winning and why. 

As mentioned in the subject line, Levels 33, 36, 42 & 43 all have exploits where the player I have been playing against jump to the end or a far point into the race and end with a time that could not be matched with the most skilled, yet typical, driving.  If they are the kind of cheats Hutch engineered into the game, even when seeing them done and trying to reproduce them, I have never been able to.  Are they that kind of cheat?  If so, where can I find out more?  An Internet search revealed nothing.

*Level 33 location/mechanism: When the opponent gets to the mirrors at ~310m, their vehicle disappears off of the screen, their time disappears then suddenly re-appears at the finish line.
Level 36: The other player flies almost straight up off the hill at ~100m and suddenly shows up at the finish line.
Level 42: I have seen the previous 2 done with varying levels of vehicle and Nitro didn't appear to always be used, but this one has always been the Snowmobile with a Nitro used to launch off the last platform straight into the base of the last big mountain at ~490m, then they disappear briefly and then appear at the finish line.  I have driven Level 42 well over 1,000 times and even when trying reproduce this one, I cannot.
Level 43: This one doesn't take the user to the end, but they launch off the second mountain at ~90m to about the middle of the race and end up winning with a good lead.
Last Note: If they are not cheats engineered into the game, I do have video of it occurring for levels 33 & 42, if helpful, and could likely get captures of the other two.

I didn't write this to whine about it as I mainly just enjoy playing the regular mode & unlocking cars.  However, it does take the fun away when I cannot execute something someone else can, therefore my guaranteed loss and loss of win streak.  Experience tells me that the people that are winning the Diamond league (e.g. last week's winner nearing 1 billion points) do know how to do these tricks, can keep their win streak and benefit from the huge points that are given there.  

Thanks for your time,
Rob Holman


  • i have also noticed the fast finishers, and can’t figure out how it’s done, and it was 11 million, not a billion, i’m unsure if it was me or another player you are talking about, but i can assure you I DO NOT CHEAT!
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